Women’s Triathlon Festival

Saturday, September 8, 2018 | Granite Beach, Folsom Lake SRA

The Women’s Triathlon Festival offers FIVE multisport events just for women: A sprint triathlon and duathlon, a super sprint triathlon and duathlon and aquabike.

All events will be held in the Folsom Lake SRA at Granite Beach.

Each athlete registered for the Women’s Triathlon Festival will receive a custom tech-tee race shirt, athlete goody bag, swim cap, post- race meal and custom Finisher Medal. Race as an individual or as part of a relay team and join the FUN!

Start Times:

  • Super Sprint Tri/Du: 7:30 am
  • Triathlon/Duathlon: 8:30 am


  • Triathlon: Swim .5 mile – Bike 13 miles – Run 3 miles
  • Duathlon: Run 1 miles – Bike 13 miles- Run 3 miles
  • Super Sprint Tri: Swim 200 yds – Bike 3 miles – Run 1 mile
  • Super Sprint Duathlon: Run 1 m – Bike 3 miles- Run 1 mile

Swim Courses – The race starts from the beach in with a .5 mile swim from the beach area. The swim course will be a triangular course in Folsom Lake marked by the large white triangular buoys. Water temperature should be approximately 70 degrees. Wetsuits are allowed. The swim will exit the lake and head up the beach and on a grassy path to the transition area located in the parking area.

Bike Courses – The bike course for the Triathlon/Duathlon is a 13 mile two-lap course within Granite Beach Park. Riders must stay to the right at all times! Passing is allowed in a timely manner when it is safe to do so. After passing return to the right side of the road and continue to ride safely. Failure to do so will result in a drafting penalty or disqualification. Crossing the centerline at ANY time will also result in disqualification. The Bike course will Not have an aid station. Water and electrolyte beverage, along with energy gels will be available in the transition area. Triathlon/Duathlon 6.5-mile Bike Course 

The Super Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon bike course will be 3 miles and completely contained within Granite Beach Park on roads closed to traffic. Please ride carefully and stay to the right at all times. Super Sprint Bike 3-mile Bike Course

Run Courses – The first run for the Duathlon starts at the end of the transition area and runs out and back for 2 miles on the same course as the second run. The Triathlon/Duathlon 3-mile run course exits from the transition area and runs around part of the lake on dirt trails. There will be three aid stations on the 3- mile run course. Triathlon/Duathlon 3-mile Run Course

The Super Sprint Tri 1 mile run course will exit transition area and have an aid station before turning at a half-mile and returning to the finish line. Super Sprint 1-mile Run Course

ALL athletes must wear their race number on the front of their body during the run and have it when crossing the finish line.

Transition Area

The Transition area will be on a first-come basis, with the exception of Reserved Bike Racks for TRI Clubs. The transition area at all TBF Racing events is for athletes only. All non-athletes must remain outside of the transition area at all times on race day. Bodymarking will be take place at the entrance to the transition area and must be completed before you enter the transition area. Athletes will have their race number marked on their legs and arms and have their age division on their calf. Glass or bottles are not allowed in the transition area.

Aid Stations

There will be aid stations and bathrooms at run start and at every mile on the run course. The aid stations will feature water, FLUID electrolyte beverage and CLIF Shot energy gels.

Packet Pickup

Packets can be picked up on-site race morning from 6:00am -8:30a.

There is a $12 parking fee per vehicle.

Schedule of Events

6:00 am Registration and Packet pick up open
6:00 am Transition Area opens
7:00 am Race announcements begin
7:30 am Super Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon Start
8:30 am Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon Start
9:30 am Start of Awards Ceremony for Super Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon
11:00 am Start of Awards Ceremony for Triathlon/Duathlon.

First place Overall Female in the Sprint Triathlon will receive an Overall Champion Award. There will be awards five deep in each five-year age group for the Sprint Triathlon. Relay Team awards will be three deep.

First place Overall Female in the Duathlon will receive an Overall Champion Award. There will be awards three deep in each ten-year age group for the Duathlon. Relay Team awards will be for first place only.

First place Overall Female in the Super Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon each will receive an Overall Champion Award. There will be awards three deep in each ten-year age group for the Super Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon.

Entry Fees

Before 12/1 After 12/1 Race Day
Women’s Triathlon/Duathlon $70 $80 $90
Triathlon Relay Team $100 $130 $140
Duathlon Relay Team $80 $100 $110
Super Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon $60 $70 $80
Aquabike $60 $70 $80

Refund and transfer policy

TBF Racing has a no refund policy on all of our events. A refund requested prior to race week will be given a TBF Race credit for the amount of the entry fee minus a $25 processing fee. Credits are not given during race week. Transfers are allowed from one TBF Racing event to another within a one-year time frame. There is a $25 transfer fee. Transfers are not allowed during race week. ALL TBF Racing events are held rain or shine.

Competitor Goodies

Each athlete entered in one of the Women’s Triathlon Festival events will receive with their entry fee a custom tech tee race shirt, post race hot meal, athlete goody bag, and a chance for raffle prizes. Also included are free coffee, Red Bull and massage.

Post Race Athlete Food:

Included for each competitor is a post race meal of hot pasta with meat and vegetarian protein options, salad, fruit, cookies and beverage.

Training and Coaching:

TBF Training provides group workouts and coaching for the sport of Triathlon along with individual Multi-sport Coaching and Personal Training.

Race for FREE program

Our Race for FREE Athlete Volunteer Program offers a chance to get involved with multi-sport events, have fun, and earn a $40 TBF Racing Volunteer voucher good towards entry fees at any of our events this year. Each volunteer shift is 4 hours. We ask volunteers to reserve a volunteer position at any of our events by emailing Teri@totalbodyfitness.com as our volunteer positions will fill up quickly.

Granite Beach, Folsom Lake SRA

Physical Address: 8000 Douglas Blvd, Granite Bay, CA 95746

Granite Bay State Park on Folsom lake is located at the end of Douglas Blvd, 5-6 miles East of I-80. Turn right at the third stop sign after entering the park for the Granite Beach parking lot. There is a $12 vehicle charge for day-use or $125 for an annual pass. Contact phone: 916 988 0205.

Annual Day Use Passes are available for $125 here. These passes are valid for 12 months from purchase

If you are a member of a Triathlon Club that has 10 or more athletes racing with TBF Racing we can provide Reserved bike racks in the transition area for your club, have your club set up a tent in the expo/athlete area, and hang your banners at the event. To take advantage of this program, TRI Clubs must send the list of 10 or more pre-registered athletes to Bill@totalbodyfitness.com 7-10 days prior to the race.